HAX and the PHEROMONE MAFIA LABS are leaders in human pheromone manufacturing and utilizes a proprietary manufacturing process; the most advanced pheromone technology available.


  • We've been in business for 15 years
  • Our products truly are superior and contain up to 1000% more mg/ bottle of legit pheromones than competing products at similar prices.
  •  We offer an industry leading “Iron-Clad 365-Day” Money Back Guarantee.
  • We have an industry leading 99% customer satisfaction rating.
  • We average conversion ratios of approximately 8%.
  •  The average per sale price is $112, meaning you will earn (on average) $40 per sale for each conversion you generate.  Final sale amounts vary dramatically, with some customers purchasing large quantities ($350-$900).  Thus, the potential reward for you is substantial if you can bring in targeted traffic.
  • You will ALWAYS GET PAID ON TIME!  We use ShareASale.com’s auto deposit system.  Money is always available for our affiliates.
  • COOKIES NEVER EXPIRE.  When your visitors return to the site, you will receive a commission for all sales generated FOR LIFE!
  •  When you refer affiliates, you will earn 15% commission for life.  Recruit affiliates and earn $5 per affiliate sign-up, plus 15% commissions on their sales FOR LIFE!
Still Have Questions?

If you have any questions about the affiliate program or if we can provide any guidance or advice, please do not hesitate to contact our team at brad@haxinc.com



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