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We were looking through some old files the other day and came across these quotes from the late 90′s. But we thought they were worth reading again so we are adding them to our blog.

The Los Angeles Times: 

”Scientific studies have actually shown that subjects who used synthesized pheromones had sex more often (47% increase in sexual intercourse) than those who used a placebo (9.5% increase).”

McCall’s Magazine: 

”…Pheromones can improve one’s sex life, pheromones send out subconscious sent signals to the opposite sex that naturally trigger romantic feelings.”

US News and World Reports: 

”The key to starting a love affair might be right under your nose. Scientists have just announced the discovery of a virtual sixth sense, a tiny organ in the nasal cavity that responds to chemicals known as pheromones. These natural substances are thought to play a role in basic human emotions such as fear, hunger–and love.”

US Single Living: 

”…this guy was experiencing pheromone-induced passion. That was the day I decided that pheromones really do work. The response was so dramatic, I had to attribute it to the pheromones. … It began raining men, all types.”

The Medical Tribune: 

”Topical application of synthesized male pheromones increases the sexual attractiveness of men to their partners, according to Pennsylvania researchers. …The odorless, clear alcohol-based liquid contains a chemical copy of “the natural substance given off by healthy virile men in their 20s that makes them so attractive to women, … 

In a study of 38 men, those who added the new pheromone to their own after shave for eight weeks reported that they were busier sexually–engaging in significantly more hugging, kissing and sexual intercourse with their female partners–than before the study, the Pennsylvania researcher reported at the annual meeting of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine. Those who added a placebo to their after shave reported no change in their sex lives, she said. … Alan DeCherney, MD., chairman of obstetrics and gynecology at Tufts University in Boston, hailed the new product. ‘It’s good to have a product that increases romantic attractiveness,’ he said.”

US WSVN TV in Miami aired this on March 3, 1998: 

”If you’re looking for love, we’ve got a potion for passion.” … “Tonight, a secret weapon to attract the opposite sex. Researchers developing their own passion potion. Ever been attracted to someone but weren’t really sure why? …. More and more research is pointing to chemicals these days…. undetectable chemicals… pheromones … a clear odorless liquid”

May 29, 2012 by Joe Herron

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